Why Overseas Agents should become Associate Members of AGPI 

In today’s study abroad market, more and more parents are choosing to send their children to Ireland to complete a placement in an Irish secondary school. Naturally, these parents want services that allow them to feel in control and meet their self-defined needs. At AGPI, we believe that the young person, their parents/legal guardians, the agent, the guardianship provider and the hosting school, all need to work in collaboration, developing processes which promote respect, participation, trust, and open and honest communication. When choosing a Guardianship Provider in Ireland, overseas agencies need to be sure that their partners:


• have undergone a Quality Assurance Inspection;
• are legally established entities;
• are financially stable and have financial systems in place to ensure fees paid to them are safe and allocated correctly;
• are fully insured;
• have qualified staff who have undergone Child Protection Training as well as Garda (Police) vetting;
• have an adequate number of student advisors or counsellors with a student/staff ratio of at least 1:30;
• have a Designated Liaison Person (DLP) who has undergone DLP training;
• have systems in place to ensure the young person is placed in a suitable school;
• have systems in place to ensure the young person is placed in a suitable Garda (Police) vetted family;
• have a 24 hour emergency telephone service in place, 7 days a week;
• have a clearly defined system in place for student welfare, pastoral care, academic progress, and personal safety;
• have a clearly defined and implemented Child Protection Policy and Student Care Plan for each student in their care;
• AGPI members provide a clear monthly report on student progress to the
parents/agent abroad.