Why Guardianship Providers should become members of AGPI 

While there are many well-intentioned guardianship providers in Ireland, ranging from small to large, who have been providing quality programmes to students for many years, until now, there has been no association of quality providers to support the providers and the industry.


Unlike the English Language School sector, no guidelines have been put in place to monitor and inspect the quality of guardianship services. Quality language schools welcome and invite inspection and regulation, from organisations such as ACELS, MEI, EAQUALS, and Quality English. Most language schools will agree that the presence of regulators has allowed them to improve their standards and in turn to grow and gain a place on the international stage.


The presence of such regulation has given Ireland a reputation worldwide for providing high quality educational programmes. AGPI aims to provide Guardianship Providers with access to a robust Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) that will not only protect the young people in their care, but will also help the Guardianship Provider to improve their standards and thereby their presence
in the international study travel market.


Our very thorough and transparent pre-inspection guidelines are designed to be informative and instructive, thereby assisting applicants in passing their inspection. The areas covered include: company structures; Irish legislation; policies; systems; compliance; communications; data protection; training; self-evaluation; company management; strategy; finance; human resources;
organisational culture and adapting to change.


Perhaps most importantly, the founding of our association coincides with the nationwide enforcement of the Child First Act 2015 and forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation which will require all organisations offering guardianship services to adhere to the highest standards. Inspections are carried out by a team of two inspectors, one specialising in child protection and the other in business management, and typically take three to four days to complete. As part of the inspection process, inspectors will: select and visit a range of schools, host families and students; interview provider staff and inspect systems in-house; and seek feedback from overseas partners and parents. Inspectors are always independent of AGPI and are not answerable to AGPI for decisions made.


To start the process of becoming an AGPI member, please download and complete the attached information and form: agpi-application-form-members