Why Secondary Schools should work with AGPI member providers

Irish Secondary Schools are already experts in providing quality education, care and protection to students. As such, schools should also ensure they are working with external guardianship organisations that can match their own commitment to quality and care of young people. Today, with the enforcement of the Children First Act 2015 and other legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, Secondary Schools need to be vigilant about who they work with. Secondary schools need to ask the following questions of their guardianship providers:


• Is this provider a legal entity?
• Does the provider have adequate insurance if something goes wrong?
• Are the provider’s staff, who regularly visit my school, Garda vetted?
• Are the provider’s staff qualified? Have they undergone Child Safeguard Training?
• Is the host family Garda vetted?
• What is the provider’s staff: student ratio?
• How often will provider’s staff visit the student? At least once a month?
• Will they also regularly visit the host family to ensure the child is happy?
• Have we received thorough documentation about this student, including grades, parental
consents, and medical reports which we can trust?
• Does the provider have a Child Protection Policy and Student Care Plan?
• Who is the Designated Liaison Person (DLP) in the provider’s organisation, should there
be a child care issue?
• Who is responsible for this child outside school hours?
• Is there a 24 hour emergency service?
• This child’s parents are overseas, can I really be sure he/she is in safe hands with this provider?


AGPI understands that secondary schools do not have the resources to check all of this information in advance. By joining AGPI and only working with AGPI members, the secondary school can rest assured that they are working with a ‘best practice’ provider, who has undergone and passed a very thorough inspection process, covering all of the above questions and much more.


To become an associate member school free of charge, please download and fill out the attached form: school-associate-membership-application-form